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The Pet Connection

Over the years our customers have asked us many questions regarding pet care. Deb decided to write articles on the questions that were most frequently asked as well as on topics that she thought would be most helpful to pet owners.

Below are links to pdf versions of these articles:

Who is the Pack Leader in Your House?
Pet Tear Stains, Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of Them?!
Thunderstorm Phobia, Is There Any Help For It?
Does This Fur Make My Butt Look Fat?
Doggie Dental Care
Letters to Santa
When It's Time To Say Good-Bye
Homemade Pet Treat Recipes
Therapy Pets, Yours Could Be One!
What Dog Bread is Best for You?
Fun Facts About Cats!
Travel And The Family Pet
Itchy, Smelly Dog? It might be a Yeast Infection
"SIT, STAY, COME" The ABC's of Dog Obedience
Gone to the Birds
Pet Body Language - Learn to Read the Signs
Why do we love our pets so much?
Heloise Goes to the Dogs!
Have A Jolly Christmas Keep Those Pets Away From The Holly!
What you need to know about Pet Vaccination
There's a whole lot of itching going on!!!

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