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Here are comments sent in to us from some of our current customers ...

Joyce H.
Kirkville, NY / Brooksville, FL

"Congratulations on your new grooming business in Brooksville FL. We have taken our dogs to you for grooming for over 20 years in NY. We are pleased to know that when we spend our winters in FL, they will have the same gentle and caring grooming that they have become accustomed to. We started going to you because you do not use anything to sedate our animals as some groomers do. We trust you with our girls (two Pomeranians) and know you will take good care of them. You can be sure we will give you our business in FL as well as in NY as long as you are here. Don't know what we will do without you in NY. Take care and God Bless you both."

Julie and Jim Rider
Kirkville, NY
'Angus, KaDee, and Dunkin'

"I have been going to Clip & Dip for many years now as have a lot of my family and friends. As you can tell by this picture, my dogs look great!! But there is more to it than just looking good, they feel good. When I pick them up - and they are nice and pretty and clean - they will strut for days because they know they look good. Dunkin, KaDee, and Angus get so excited when I tell them we are going to see Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mel, as they truly are like extended family. They treat every animal that comes through their doors as if it were their own. They are amazing people with amazing skills, and the most compassionate two people I have ever met. Debbie and Mel have great respect for all animals. and all the animals I have seen them with over the years have amazing trust in them. Try them ... you and your pets will not be disappointed!"

"I remember Isabelle's first grooming experience. It was with you and Mel. She was only 9 weeks old and needed a quick trim in between her eyes. The fluffy little munchkin couldn't see (poor thing), but you guys made her look cute and she was able to see. Much to my suprise, she was very calm despite the fact that there were two strange people holding her down with huge scissors in her face. That would be the first reason why I stayed with you guys. Isabelle felt very comfortable there from day one. Also, you both just seem to really care about animals and their owners. I have been to other shops in the past with friends and their dogs/cats and the people/owners/groomers just didn't seem to really care about the animals themselves. To them, it was just another number, just another job. You guys take the time to listen to each customer and what they would like regarding their animal ... and aren't afraid to make suggestions if what we as the customer want isn't going to look good ... if you know what I mean. LOL! Isabelle is a very antsy dog by nature and she isn't comfortable in a lot of situations, but she always seems to love going there. If you remember her last visit when we took the picture, she didn't want to leave there. I had to drag her out of the shop. LOL!! Simply put, the both of you were meant to do this. You both not only care about your clients needs, but you care about the owners needs/wants also. You're both hard workers, but still keep that personal experience there that some places/people loose when their client base gets too big and their staff size stays the same. Your shop feels just like home. So, even though we have moved a distance away, don't you worry, we're still coming there next month for our appointment. We wouldn't miss it!"

Sincerely, Lisa, Phil and Isabelle

Scott Lofmark
Charleston, SC

"Debbie and Mel have taken care of our families pets for over 30 yrs. Their insight and professionalism goes a long way in making YOU a better parent to your pet. On her recent trip from snowy NY to her new home in Florida, Debbie stayed with us for 2 nights and proved why she and Mel are so very good at what they do. We have a 3 month old Golden which was quite a handful and she was able to get across to us what we must do to make "Sam" more comfortable in our home. Her passion for what she does, not only in grooming, is noticeable from the first 5 minutes on speaking with her. We wish her and Mel all the best as they enjoy the well deserved Florida sunshine!"

 Deb and Mel Waldron   352-410-0005    7054 Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34601   Debbie@PamperedPawsSalon.com